Aims and Format of the Workshop :

Following the success of the first five workshops in this series (IDM96, IDM98, IDM2000, IDM2002 & IDM2004), the purpose will again be to discuss issues concerning the identification and nature of dark matter bringing together experimentalists working on searches for non-baryonic candidates, astronomers working on baryonic searches, cosmologists and theorists.

Again the intention is to put emphasis on new work aimed at signal identification and the implications of the recent advances in such topics as halo flows, WIMP, axion and MACHO searches, dark energy and structure formation. Topics to be discussed include new results from techniques attempting to identify the nature of baryonic dark matter and the implications of this; progress and results from techniques attempting to identify a WIMP signal (including the latest limits from leading experiments); ideas and prospects for directional WIMP detectors; axion and neutrino mass experiments.

Special sessions are planned this time on halo models and implications for dark matter detection, SUSY-tools for dark matter, 1-ton scale WIMP detectors and on the future of European activity in dark matter and particle astrophysics.

The field has recently been advanced considerably with new limits on non-baryonic dark matter (WIMPs and axions) and in the area of dark energy. The plan is to avoid any need for parallel sessions and to leave plenty of time for discussion of future detector routes and observations and the future direction of the field. A discussion is planned of the new EU initiatives for funding particle astrophysics.

The workshop will include short reviews of the principal topics, contributed papers, a poster session and discussion groups on specific topics as appropriate.

As previously we would particularly like to encourage young researchers to present their work as well as more established figures in the field. In order to preserve the workshop atmosphere, attendance will be limited and it is hoped that the meeting will be of an informal, relaxed, nature.

This workshop is under the auspices of the Hellenic Physics Society .

This workshop is supported by the Greek Secreteriat for Research and Technology and by the European Union!!!**.

There will of course be a full and exciting social programme so that delegates will be able to make the most of their visit to the historic island of Rhodes.

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